Posted by: haryatiandy | June 17, 2011

Debate and dialogue to improve speaking skill

There are four skills in teaching English: writing, listening, reading and speaking which all of them have to be taught by the teachers at schools. Language is a tool for all people to communicate with others and express their ideas, opinions, emotions, attitudes, feeling and so on. In this case, speaking is very important skill since people learn a language in order to use it for communication with their environment. In teaching speaking, the teachers have to present the material creatively and facilitate the students to practice it outside school. Teachers also have to find the best technique for their students in teaching speaking. In order to improve the speaking skill for the students, the writer tries to use debate and dialogue techniques in teaching speaking, implement those techniques in the classroom activity and also describe the strength and weakness of the implementation of debate and dialogue techniques.
Speaking is the action of conveying information or expressing one’s thoughts and feeling in spoken language. It is one of English skills that need to be taught in order to improve students’ communication with other people. In teaching speaking, the teacher requires some components: comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, grammar and pronunciation and also has scoring system that will ease the teacher in getting the score.
There are several techniques used by the teacher for teaching speaking. The techniques should be appropriate and interesting to interest the students in teaching learning process. The first technique is debate. Debate is a teaching way to improve verbal communication and teach critical thinking for the students where they can be more active in every situation. Besides, it can be an active learning because the students will learn how to construct their ideas, work in group and share knowledge.
Actually, debate has some advantages and disadvantages. The first positive side of debating is that you get to hear both sides of an issue. The students can learn from each other because they can see a different opinion and idea. Second, it can develop students’ knowledge. In debating, they will hear some update information from other debaters which can enrich their knowledge. Meanwhile, the negative side of debate is that some people are ignorant of other people’s view. Sometimes there is no respectful listening to the opponents’ side because they get heated and make the issue become argument.
The other technique is dialogue. Dialogue is a communication tool that allows people to understand other views without interrupting. The goal of dialogue is to get other view and not to defend our view. Dialogue helps the students practice in speech, pronunciation, intonation, stress and also improves vocabulary. Dialogue brings people naturally sit down together and talk about important issues. Dialogue isn’t a problem-solving process directly. It is instead a process that builds bridges of understanding between groups that helps to reduce misunderstandings, conflict, and tension.
Dialogue technique has advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage is Dialogue promotes better understanding and more creative cooperation between different people and groups. The process will help to reduce misunderstandings and help ensure more successful interaction. Second, dialogue can make the situation more relax. For example, talking about the interesting topics: hobby, daily activity, advertisement, and so on. Meanwhile, the first advantage of dialogue is that too much dialogue can make confused other people because sometime the dialogue can run short or long. Second, it can throw off readers because they don’t yet understand why they should care.
Debate and dialogue will become appropriate technique in improving speaking skill if the teachers and the students implement them well. Therefore, the teacher should have good procedures and activities in the classroom: opening the class, giving explanation, doing consultation, practicing and closing the class. Furthermore, the activities include: the teacher gives explanation, the students are divided into some groups, the teacher gives the topic, every group is given the duty, then the students develop their argument for any time, debate is started, and then the debate is finished.
To conclude that teaching speaking really helps the students succeed in speaking fluently, but it needs to be improved. The ways to improve speaking skill are the teaching of debate and dialogue techniques in classroom activity and also improve others skills: reading, writing and listening.


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