Posted by: haryatiandy | June 9, 2011

Teaching vocabulary through picture

English teaching involves four language skills; they are speaking, writing, listening and reading. There are some aspects in teaching and learning a language such as grammar, pronunciation, spelling and vocabulary. Vocabulary is one of important aspects in teaching language because without vocabulary we cannot communicate with others well in both oral and written. In teaching vocabulary, there are a lot of students find difficulties caused they cannot understand the meaning of the words. Therefore, the teachers use several variation ways in teaching vocabulary such as games, songs, short story and pictures. Using pictures as a media is appropriate way for kindergarten and elementary school. Teaching vocabulary through pictures has several advantages in increasing the students’ vocabulary.
First, the pictures can motivate the students to learn vocabulary. Motivation can be from either inside or beyond the student self. Some of students are curious about the words that they do not know, so by looking at the pictures they will have high motivation in learning new words. Besides, the teachers should give the interesting and colorful pictures which can increase the students’ motivation. Their motivation and interest depend on the activities in class; therefore, activities should be made fun in order to decrease students’ bored.
Second, teaching vocabulary through pictures can improve students’ words. The students will pay attention on the pictures more than learned material. In every section, the teachers give the different objects related to recreation places, part of body, transportations, traffic light, occupations, animals, family and so on which those can add students’ vocabulary. In this activity the teachers may give reality objects to the students and then they will get some new words every meeting. Therefore, in the end of the school year, they will have a lot of new words that can be used in communicating.
Finally, Pictures can ease the students to understand the topic given. Everything can be seen while the language is being spoken a visual aid. Pictures will help students a lot in understanding and memorizing vocabularies. Actually, when teachers use the pictures as their media in teaching, the pictures can explain clearly the teacher’s explanation.
To conclude, teaching vocabulary through pictures will give some advantages for the students. The pictures can motivate the students to learn vocabulary because of the interesting and colorful pictures. Then, the pictures can improve students’ vocabulary because each picture contains of different objects which add the students’ vocabularies. Finally, Picture is an easy way to the students to remember and understand what they have been studied.


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